The LaZagne Project

Warning - Dragons ahead The following post is for educational purposes only. The Lazagne project is a Python based tool that will attempt to extract username and password details from various applications on your Windows, Linux and Mac systems. As such, it would be considered a hacking tool. Portions of this tool have been adapted for use in the Qealler Malware. I decided that i’d run up a test Windows Virtual machine to run this against but can confirm that the tool works equally as well in Linux.

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Recently I’ve been working with python and smtplib to automate sending emails based off a template. The sending part of the emails worked flawlessly but I had issues where the emails were being delivered into the junk folder instead of the Inbox folder in Outlook. Now, if you’re going to a scripting emails to send out notifications, newsletters and general communications, losing your audience because the email gets trashed isnt ideal.

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Browsing Elasticsearch With Kaizen

Recently I had a few questions about what a particular Elasticsearch NoSQL Database was holding and I started poking using curl and the json search language, and for the untrained it can be daunting. Heaps of syntax, nesting and JSON arrays. It was overwhelming at first. On the plus side, its super granular so if you know exactly what you are looking for its super quick. Well I had a problem, I wasnt 100% sure what I was looking for and merely just wanted to browse the data for you know….

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